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Charity Energy

As a charity, church or other non-profit organization, your enterprise is often treated as a business by external suppliers and third parties. But while you might operate like a profit making business, we think this doesn’t mean you should be charged like one.

We recognize the importance of your role to the lives of the people and communities you serve. We believe that by saving you unnecessary costs, we play a small part in helping you achieve your objectives.

We work with many of the UK’s leading charities, churches and other not-for-profit organizations. Our experience in this sector enables us to offer a service tailored to the unique nature of your organization.

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Low prices with our social enterprise ethos that makes us truly unique in the market

Energy brokers are often criticized for being cut throat deal-makers who want to get you the best price and then move on.

Easy2Switch is different. We not only get you the best price for your gas & electricity supply, we also sort out any queries you may have and take the time to explain how the industry works, exploding the long held myths and making the complex simple.

We are also open and honest, we are given a commission for every contract that is placed with suppliers, and this is the same for all energy companies. What makes us different is that we pass our commissions back onto our customers in the form of a grant. That is why we have chosen to work exclusively with Charities, Not for Profits & organizations that support the community.

We don’t charge clients for our advice, nor tie them into deals that make them stay with us. We just offer a service that brings them back, time after time.

If you want to work with a different kind of broker, give us a call on 01905 570 548.

Save charities money

Why choose Easy2Switch?

For further information or to discuss how we can help you, call our Charities Hotline on 01905 570 548

One Point of Contact

To achieve the best deal for your organization your utilities may be split across different providers. Easy2Switch will provide you with an account manager that will contact your providers on your behalf, giving you one point of contact and no need to wait in long queues to speak to confusing tech support or pushy sales teams.

Renewal Reminder

To ensure you don’t get rolled over into a new, more expensive energy contract, we offer a renewal reminder service.

We can contact you before your termination date to make sure you don’t get rolled over and secure your charity the best possible deal, allowing a seamless transfer at the end of the contract from the old to new supplier, or sometimes even the same supplier but a better deal.

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No cost Charity Tax Rebate

If you are a Charity or Not for Profit, you may qualify for a reduced 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) rate on their energy bills. As part of our service, we will check your rate and if you have overpaid you will be eligible for a tax rebate for the past 6 years.

If you are not sure if you are in the correct tax bracket, apply for a No Cost tax audit today.

Energy for the charity sector

Save on your Gas & Electric

As a not for profit, our aim is to save your organization as much money as possible on your Gas & Electric costs. We believe that every penny you save is a penny towards achieving your charitable or organizations aims.

There is no cost for the service and we aim to take all of the stress and headaches away.

All we ask is for a copy of your most recent bills and for you to agree for us to speak to suppliers on your behalf to allow us to tender for the best deal possible.

Your specialist advisor will then talk you through your options in an easy to understand proposal.

If you decide to switch we will take care of it for you then notify you once your new energy supply has gone live.

Save on charity energy bills

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We can arrange the most appropriate electricity or gas contract for your home or non-profit organisation from hundreds of supplier offers, which come in every week.

The service is free to access, either over the telephone or online with our new personal quote service for home or business users. Our service is free to use.

We are now offering a range of competitive green energy deals too.

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