Save money on your business energy bills

We compare business electricity and gas prices quickly. Easy2Switch offers your business an easy to use business energy comparison service that allows UK businesses like yours to compare and switch business energy suppliers.

Over 60% of UK businesses have never changed their energy provider and it’s far too easy for firms to forget or leave it too late and fall into an awful rollover tariff. It’s highly unlikely that you’re currently receiving the most favorable energy prices.

In short, don’t be afraid to switch business energy deals. We provide an easy to use service which connects you to a number of business electricity and gas suppliers who will offer prices based on your business needs.

Click the quote button below to access our business energy comparison website, where you can get instant business quotes from all the major suppliers with no obligation.

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Save money on your business energy bills

About our services

Easy2switch is one of the UK’s leading energy consultancies specialising in the farming industry. We work directly with farmers, with industry organisations, utility companies, and manufacturers, providing a wide range of advice and practical support to farm businesses.

As well as working within the farming industry, we also help businesses and home owners alike to find a better energy deal through our network of suppliers.

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Saving you time and money in 3 simple steps

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We can arrange the most appropriate electricity or gas contract for your home or business from hundreds of supplier offers, which come in every week.

The service is free to access, either over the telephone or online with our new personal quote service for home or business users. Our service is free to use.

We are now offering a range of competitive green energy deals too.

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